Kinder Goats

We raise a dual purpose (meat & dairy) breed of goat called Kinder. Follow the links below for more information on our goats:

About the Kinder Breed:

Kinders are a very new breed, they are originally a cross between a Pygmy and a Nubian. Both of these breeds have very high fat / cream content in their milk. Both breeds are also relatively stout and muscular. The resulting cross is a goat who is about 3/4’s the size of a full size standard goat. With dual purpose meat and dairy abilities. They have a high feed to meat and milk conversion ratio and a very high milk fat percentage.

kid weighing

We chose Kinders for our homestead for their dual purpose abilities and their high milk fat. They are the only goat we have encountered whose milk can easily be converted to butter. More about the Kinder breed can be found on the Kinder Breeders Association web site here and on Wikipedia here.

Our Kinder Herd:

Links to all our Kinder goat profiles, general herd information, our breeding program and much more.

on goat barn shelves

Kinders For Sale:

We have one adult doe for sale 11/3/2019.

See her details here

kids in trough kids at feeder

Milk, Cheese & Butter:

final mozza

Photos about how we process our Kinder milk. (See Products page here)

Meat & Butchering:

Devin butchering

Photos about how we process our Kinder meat.
(See Products page here)

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  1. Anne Lintz says:

    Hi looking for a pregnant doe or two? we have multiple goats on 40 acres… our old ladies have been passing on (12+) and need to rebuild the herd as several more are 11+… Must have horns (I like that yours have them!)… I believe we are good goat people we have horses who seem to be good at protection and everyone is always safe in barn at night…. Field fenced the whole acreage… raised 3 Tog boys last year from bottle and looking for a little less work! Though they are very loving now ;0). I want bigger goats no mini. Looks like everything you have is not bred? Do you have anything? Thanks and if you know anyone who might have larger bred goats that fit the bill I’d love to know.

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